Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Rules

Okay, so here are the rules for my two week exploration:
  1. Spend a total of $21 on food and beverages per week.
  2. All food purchased and eaten during the week, including fast food and dining out must be included in the total spending.
  3. Only eat food that I purchase for the project. I cannot eat food that I already own (trust me, there's not much in the fridge anyway).
  4. Avoid accepting free food from friends, family, or at work, including at receptions or meetings.
  5. Keep track of receipts on food spending and take note of my experiences throughout the week.
That's it. No fine print. I promise to keep to these rules. Game on.


Brooke said...

Simon, Brooke here. I love this idea, but have a question about your rules. Food stamps not only restrict the amount you can spend, but what you can purchase. Are you limiting your purchases to those foods that someone with food stamps could buy?
Helpful tip: stick to the outer perimeter of the grocery store (dairy, produce) and forays into the dry, generic goods (bulk grains, dried legumes).
Rock on!

P said...

uhm i have another question: do you also refuse any drinks at receptions and from friends etc? both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages can contain both calories and nutrients.